Where to put your equipment when you repair or move

1. Adjoining rooms
If your apartment has at least two rooms, you can theoretically move your appliances into the next room before moving with http://www.flashmoving.net/local-moving/. It will need to be boxed up and hauled.

Pros: no need to travel anywhere, spend money on transportation.

Cons: the room may become too crowded, and if the repair will be with a lot of dust – perhaps it will penetrate inside the box and settle on the digital elements, the equipment can be spoiled.

2. Pantry
The pantry usually doesn’t have much space, but some appliances (especially small ones) can fit. Be careful – do not put large things on small appliances, boxes may not hold, and heavy things will collapse on the equipment and may damage it.

Pros: appliances are always on hand, no need to organize transportation.

Cons: you may not be able to fit all the appliances, such as a refrigerator. In addition, if you have stored something in the closet before, such as a bicycle – these things will have to move somewhere.

3. A balcony or loggia
You can use the balcony as a mini storage room and put your appliances there for the time of repairs.

Pluses: you carry a minimum of weight – you can handle even two people. And again, you do not need to carry anything anywhere.

Cons: the balcony is not suitable for storage in hot summer (will be sun and high temperature) or cold winter (too low temperature). In the off-season on the loggia can be too humid or there will be temperature fluctuations, which will cause the accumulation of condensation under the package.

4. Neighbors, relatives or friends
If you have acquaintances nearby who are willing to hold onto their appliances, this is a very good option, as it’s ideal in terms of conditions, as safe as possible, and free of charge. Seems like a lot of advantages? Yes, but remember about the time nuance – stipulate the terms of the storage of appliances in advance, so you do not put your friends in an awkward situation by storing their things. Plan for time and calculate that if the repair is delayed, then things will have to be taken away and again look for an option to place them.

5. Garage
The pros of the garage are unlimited storage time – you can leave your appliances there for at least a year. Minuses await the owners of unheated garages – in winter and in the off-season things can get damaged because of temperature changes, as well as the package can be interested in rodents – in this case the damage is inevitable.