How to organize the transportation of children’s toys

Features of transporting toys with full packing moving service

Transportation of any children’s goods is always responsible. What falls into the hands of our children must be pure. Babies love hugging and kissing new toys. It is clear that almost all goods are transported in packaging, but no one disinfects packaging materials before opening. And after transportation, children’s toys should remain intact, because it is very sad to receive a broken car or a bear with a torn off paw.

In our moving company, this category of cargo is treated with special tenderness and attention. Because children are sacred. We guarantee the integrity of the cargo, whether it is props for a children’s photo shoot or goods for a toy store.

What is important to observe when transporting toys

Toys are different: plastic, wooden, fabric (soft stuffed). There are universal rules for all types of toys:

ยท covered van, goods must be protected from dust, dirt, rain;
perfect cleanliness in transport;
Uniform distribution of toys in the car, without piling up;
It is unacceptable to transport household chemicals along with toys.

Soft stuffed toys should not be transported in conditions of high humidity, as the filler may deteriorate – lose shape, elasticity and volume. And this means that the appearance of the toy after delivery will be very tired. The same rule applies to wooden models. You also need to consider that fabric products absorb odors, so pay attention to the packaging of the cargo and the cleanliness of the cabin.

Plastic toys require careful loading. The material becomes especially brittle at sub-zero temperatures. Loading must be done very carefully so that the products remain safe and sound.

Our cargo taxi service employs responsible employees who can be trusted with the most valuable and fragile. Order a callback, agree with the operator on the time and route of transportation and do not worry about anything else – we will take care of all the trouble.