Moving: how not to make a mistake with the choice of a moving company

Spring has arrived, and with it, it’s time to move. Residents of  out city are preparing for the summer season – they transport furniture, household appliances and seedlings out of town, complete repairs and move to new apartments. And the demand for boston moving service is growing.

How to avoid the risks of damage to property, how not to overpay, how not to run into scammers?

Remember what you should pay attention to when ordering a move.

1. The dispatcher does not ask questions, does not consult, but invites the client to decide for himself how large the car is, how many loaders and for what time should be ordered. You are highly likely to make a mistake (no experience!), and either you will not have time to move, or your expenses will increase many times over.

2. The dispatcher does not try to calculate how much your particular move will cost, but calls an “attractive” minimum amount. This means that you do not know how long your move will take, and the final amount may turn out to be an unpleasant surprise and exceed the “minimum” by several times. This is how “spontaneous” loaders-swindlers most often act.

3. Be sure to find out if the cost of services of movers includes work on disassembling and assembling furniture, packing furniture and equipment, laying and protecting fragile items. If not, then you will have to:

– or pay “from above” for these works at unofficial rates;
– or perform these works independently and at your own expense, significantly increasing the time and costs of preparing for the move.

4. Are you promised that packaging materials are already included in the price? Be sure to specify which ones and how much. Often, unfortunate movers bring 1-2 rolls of stretch film to pack things from a one-room apartment. And that’s it. And even more often, the worries about buying boxes, “pimples” and stretch are simply shifted to the client.

5. Find out if there is a contract with the client. If not, look for another company. If so, ask for it to be sent to you in advance or read it carefully before signing. A normal contract contains all the essential terms of the contract: types of work, their duration, rates, liability for damage to property. If the contract is drawn up solely in favor of the office (you need to pay extra for each item-floor-careful packing in a van, there is a fine for refusing to conclude a contract or something like that) – refuse such a move right away! After all, as a result, you will “owe” a large amount. There are many such examples on the web.