Packaging is another savings opportunity

The necessary packaging and protective materials (stretch and bubble wrap, cardboard boxes for moving, adhesive tape) with delivery to the office can be purchased in advance from the local moving company boston. But, if you are not satisfied with their cost, then you can purchase them yourself at a hardware or stationery store. It is possible that it will cost less. Regarding the required amount of packaging, you can consult with a specialist of your moving company.

However, the packaging materials are different. When buying boxes, pay attention to how much weight they are designed for. The filled box should not weigh more than 15-20 kg, otherwise it will be very difficult to carry. High-quality boxes are made of

Shot of packed cardboard boxes and furniture on moving dayhttp://

durable cardboard, they can withstand just such a weight and do not deform if they are placed on top of each other.

Never carry important documents in bags, sacks or sacks. Yes, they can be bought inexpensively (or even brought from home), but, in such a package, documents will be crumpled, mixed up and even lost during loading and unloading. There are special archival boxes for packing archives and accounting documentation. There are also specialized boxes for packaging computers and office equipment. Instruct each employee to pack the contents of their nightstands and cabinets on their own. Office equipment, furniture and other items of value will be packed much more reliably and faster by the specialists of the moving company. In addition, in this case, they will be responsible for the safety of the property that they packed with their own hands.