Fragile harmony of moving

The professional honor of any moving company dictates the attitude of its employees to any property of their clients. In this case, the utmost attention to any items is appreciated, regardless of their cost. Of course, our company has a special attitude to the transportation and packaging of antiques; but this does not mean that we will begin to transport other, less valuable things, neglecting all safety rules.

As practice shows, customers tend to transport all the most expensive things and documents on their own. This fully applies to the contents of the safes. But as you understand, transportation of the safe itself during an office move is already our sacred duty. Of course, transporting a safe is a technically rather complicated procedure, but, nevertheless, it is not the most problematic. The main burden of the work performed in the process of office relocation is the packaging and subsequent transportation of small, fragile items. When it comes down to it, special technologies come into play regarding the packaging and preservation of items.

Imagine an amateur in the field of transportation of fragile items. Such a person will definitely put all the breaking dishes (plates, saucers and cups) in one pile; at best, he will be smart and wrap things in soft material. This is just a small, illustrative example. In fact, everything is much more complicated. For example, a professional will never stack flat dishes on top of each other, because he will always have a special container at hand where the dishes will be stacked edgewise (as if they were in the process of drying). Glasses will certainly be set in their usual position, but not lying down – which is the most common misconception.

All kinds of glass objects should be wrapped in special wrapping paper or bubble wrap. As for items that have non-standard dimensions, wrapping them in packaging film will, at least, be inappropriate. For them, a special technology has been developed, which is based on the packaging of an object in a specially made box, with reinforcing elements located inside.

For those who decide to pack a fragile chandelier, our employees give one very valuable advice: the chandelier should be packed directly assembled. This trick provides a double time saving: both when packing things and when unpacking them.

A self-respecting moving company will never pack things in old, battered boxes. The use of stylish packaging containers made of multilayer corrugated cardboard is not just a rule of good form. This is an effective barrier against deformation and damage to the transported cargo.

Even if you do not have a lot of fragile things, we recommend that you use the services of a professional company in case of moving. This will help you save time and energy at the same time.